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Y’know, YEARS AGO, I had a regular feature on this blog called “Flashback Friday” where, every Friday, I posted an entry featuring a photo from the past. NOWADAYS, the kids on social media have this thing called “Throwback Thursday” where they are doing pretty much the exact same thing, except on a different day (and probably without the overblown exposition). I’m not trying to take credit for the creation of Throwback Thursday; I’m just saying that I was doing this way before everyone else.

So, for today’s Throwback Thursday (April 10, 2014), I dug up this photo:
Thursday, April 10, 1986: Intrepid Lake Erie Explorers
I selected this photo primarily because it was taken exactly 28 years ago today, which just so happened to be a Thursday, during the Model High School Band’s trip to Monroe, Michigan (which I already covered in excruciating detail in 2011, on the 25th anniversary of the trip).

My friend Shay almost immediately noted that the people placed in this photo somewhat resembled Mount Rushmore, which lead me to ye olde Photoshop to generate the following:
'86 MHS Band Mt Rushmore

It only took 28 years for us to realize this …

Image of the Week for 04-07-14

04-07-14: What to Wear Today?
What to Wear Today?

Image of the Week for 03-31-14

IotW 03-31-14: Firecat is Fifteen
Firecat is Fifteen!

Image of the Week for 03-24-14

IotW 03-24-14: Not Quite The Breakfast Club
March 24, 2014 is the 30th anniversary of when the movie “The Breakfast Club” takes place (although the movie itself was not released in theaters until February 15, 1985). To commemorate the occasion and the date, here is a classic photo that I took a little over 30 years to the day, on March 9, 1984 … not quite “The Breakfast Club” and probably not anywhere close to “The Brunch Club” either …

Original Tri-X Files post that included this photo.

Original Flickr set that included this photo.

Image of the Week for 03-17-14

IotW 03-17-14: Sunset Cloud Arc
Arcing Clouds and the Sunset

A Piem for Pi Day

In honor of March 14th, also known as Pi Day, I composed a Piem* on Facebook incorporating the names of a number of my Facebook Friends:

Say, I read a story, reference to: Stacey, Meena and Denny, Michelle, obviously Jessica, seemingly all by one. Birthday Chad, always. My ending: Jett ate pie.

* The number of letters in each of the words corresponds to the numerical value of Pi. In this case, Pi to the 25th place, or 3.1415926535897932384626433.

The explainable references in this narrative include the fact that my friend Chad’s birthday just so happens to be today, and my late friend Stephen Jett loved pie, which is somewhat appropriate for this day.

Image of the Week for 03-10-14

03-10-14: Spare Change
An interesting find from the cash register drawer …

The Tri-X Files Revisited: March 8, 1984

84_11.07a - The Model Middle School Band
30 years ago to the day of this posting on Thursday, March 8, 1984, the Model Middle School Band held their Student Concert, where the pieces performed were selected and directed by the students themselves.

84_11.21 - MMS Band Concert Program
I was in the audience for this concert, for a number of reasons, all important: I had many friends who were in the Middle School Band and I wanted to show my support (and to snicker and make goofy faces at them when they stepped up to the podium).  Additionally, I had my camera and a full roll of film, and I wanted to document this concert not only for the Model Band Yearbook that I was currently assembling, but also for an article that I was planning to write for The Observer, the school newspaper, which I had recently began contributing my work as a photographer.

84_11.14a - The Middle School Band, Front Row

84_11.13a - The Middle School Band, Middle Row

84_11.12a - The Model Middle School Band, Back Row
I took shots of almost every single student conductor as well as shots of each row when Mr. Stephens recognized them to the audience. I submitted these photos, along with my article, to the newspaper, and anxiously awaited for it to appear in the next issue.

84_11.22 - "MMS Band Concert" Observer article
The article appeared in the April 13, 1984 edition of The Observer. Not only did they not use any of my photos, they printed the article below a photo that had absolutely nothing to do with the concert, and confused a good number of people (I blame an overworked editor).  It was, however, my first byline, so that was still exciting.

Here are the rest of the photos from that roll.

Here is the original blog post about this concert.

Image of the Week for 03-03-14

IotW 03-03-14: A Tap Might Not Be Enough at This Point
I’m not sure if tapping to “retry” is going to help at this point …

Image of the Week for 02-24-14

IotW 02-24-14: Nametag
Nametag from 30 Years Ago. Some titles remain the same.

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