Hidden Entrance
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Outtakes from the 2006 Edition of JLK's Image of the Week

Random Images from the Texas Renaissance Festival 2006

Meteorological Phenomenon Gallery



Fallen Leaves

Gallery of Dead and Defunct Restaurants

Unexciting Hurricane Rita Aftermath Images

Lindsay's Beauty Shop

Water Tower

Drivin' Dog!

Spring Fling 2005

Natchitoches Mardi Gras Parade 2005

Random Images from the Texas Renaissance Festival 2004

Tennessee Welcome Center at Memphis

Spring Fling 2004



The Hall of Study

Random Images from the Texas Renaissance Festival 2003

The Sleeping Mall

Library Ghost


City Rain

Wal-Mart, Christmas Day 2006

Wal-Mart, Christmas Eve 2005

Bird Shelter

The Four Clarinetists of the Apocalypse

Airport Flag

Library Pendelum


The Boss is 47

Undistracted Percussionists

The Lone Popcorn Ball of the Parking Lot

Mall of LA

Officers in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


Lexington Green

Sen. John Edwards' Party Caravan Hits Town

Burger King Shrek

Bad Sign Placement


The Dump, The Day After Thanksgiving

Woman at ATM

In the Lake

H Shortage

Model Gym, Winter 1971

Hulk Hands!

EKU Skyline, Winter 1971

Hidden Entrance at Lake Reba

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